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Which keys should I press? Cursor and Space seems to work but how to get to the running scene :-(

With the Z key, you can read that in the manual. Btw, thanks for your donation! 

Muaha! I remember playing the original when I was a kid & this is awesome.

Cool!! Thanks a lot for your comment :D

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The x2 and x3 scale are very usefull, as the default window is tiny. Thanks.

Not sure what to do ingame, just run, reach the guy that shots at me, and then die under car's wheels, but it looks good so far. Playing on Linux.

Thanks for trying it out and for the comment :) 

Actually the game is missing the other half, the map part, where you have to travel over the city, locate the next android and descend. Oh, and obviously a score system, and other bits. 

I'm working on it, tho I have very little free time due to my day job, but eventually I will complete it :)

Hey, I just played it and it's cool, I would recommend you to use a 2x scale or maybe 3x so that the window is not so small, a setting for this would be perfect.

Keep up the good work!

Alright, thanks for the tip :)